Razer Phone Arrives In Asia, Singapore : Get It Fast.

After the USUK, and a few other western markets, the Razer Phone is now available in Asia, with Singapore becoming the first market on the continent to get it. Pre-orders for the device are now live in the country through Singtel, with the window closing on November 26.

Razer’s CEO had the following to say about it : “While we founded Razer in California, US, I’m a Singaporean still and I’m very excited to make Singapore the first country in Asia to release the Razer Phone.”

First 200 pre-orders will get free Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth headset (worth $169). There’s no clarity on exactly when the pre-orders will begin shipping. Officially, Razer will begin selling the phone in the country December 1 onwards.

Coming to pricing, the off contract tag is SGD 1,068, ($790). Of course, you’ll have to pay less if you purchase the device on a plan.



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