Man Climbs The Roof Of Rs 5 Crore Lamborghini Aventador For Fun, Owner Punches & Knocks Him Out

              The thing about supercars is that they tend to be very expensive. Most owners drive them with extreme caution and the enthusiast sort tends to love them like a child. So when a punk decided to climb on the roof of one, the owner taught him a lesson he will never forget.                As you can see, messing with a man’s pride and joy can be dangerous. The punk first steps on the bonnet, the windscreen from where he proceeds to the roof, and though it’s not very clear in the video, the engine cover most likely, before scooting off. He then comes back for seconds, but ends up getting pushed to the ground and punched in the face.                Just so you know, the Lamborghini Aventador costs up to Rs 5 crore depending on the level of customisation. And as you can imagine, the scratches on the paint will probably cost lakhs of rupees to fix.

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