How To Check What Data (All Details) Of Yours Has Facebook Gathered Till Now.

While Facebook is facing legal mess from different governments across the globe, what you can do is to at least check what all data of yours has Facebook captured until now. The company not only keeps a track of your regular activities, including from where the message came and what all messages and sticker were sent.  All you need to do is to download the .zip file. The steps are simple. Follow the following steps to get the data of yours that Facebook has gathered.

Step 1From your desktop, visit the page –

Step 2 : Clicking on the link will lead you to your account setting page. Below the General Account Settings option click on “Download a copy” link.

Step 3Once clicked, you will see a ‘Download your information’ page with an option to click on “Download Archive”.

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Step 4 : After clicking a dialogue box will open for security threat and button “Start Archive” after clicking the button, new dialogue opens saying Facebook will notify once the data is ready to download, even notify through mail to the registered email id.

Step 5 : After clicking notification a page will open with button “Download Archive” and message saying  “This is a copy of personal information you’ve shared on Facebook. To protect your info, we’ll ask you to re-enter your password to confirm that this is your account.”  Click download and enter your FB password, “.zip file” will be downloaded.



Step 6 :  After downloading, extract the files and open the main folder.

Step 7 : You will see various sub-folders like ‘html’, ‘photos’, ‘messages’, photos’, ‘videos’, ‘index.html’,  in the main folder downloaded including various photos, videos and messages of yours.

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