Everything you need to know: Lenovo Z5

Everything you need to know: Lenovo Z5

Lenovo is stepping up its game with its new flagship phone Z5 which features 1TB of built-in storage. But that’s not all.

Lenovo Z5 design and display: What does it look like?
The Lenovo Z5 concept sketches show that the phone has an all-display design, without the faintest whiff of a single bezel. And, unlike the iPhone X, there’s no notch either. The screen, according to Lenovo’s Vice President, has a 95% screen to body ratio.(Everything you need to know, Lenovo Z5)








It certainly looks the part, but it’s clear that there isn’t a front-facing camera on the Z5, and I can’t imagine there’s a place for the phone’s fingerprint sensor – at least on the front of the device. Little is known whether Lenovo will ditch the front-facing camera altogether or, alternatively, if there’s some fancy in-display camera tech involved. Lenovo could also opt for a similar mechanism to Vivo’s Apex concept phone – which has a pop-out front-facing camera – as well as an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The possibilities are endless.

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Lenovo Z5 features: What’s inside?
We’re not sure yet, but Cheng has claimed that the Z5 will make use of “four technological breakthroughs” as well as “18 patented technologies”. If that isn’t just marketing gobbledigook, it looks like the company may have found a way to hide the sensors and speakers.(Everything you need to know, Lenovo Z5)

Again, the Z5 could adopt similar tech from the Vivo concept phone, and perhaps even have a vibrating screen to play audio, rather than conventional speakers – similar to the same teh inside some of Sony’s super-flat TVs.

Lenovo Z5 release date: When can you get your hands on it?
Probably not for a while, seeing as we have basically no information about the phone at the time of writing. Even if we did have a release date, you likely wouldn’t be able to get it in the UK anyway.

Lenovo usually only sells Lenovo-branded phones in Asia, and leaves the Motorola-branded phones for everyone else. Although hopefully, this won’t be the case with the Z5. (Everything you need to know, Lenovo Z5)

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