5 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die In Infinity War

5 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die In Infinity War

The Avengers are going to war! The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War bringing with it our first official look at all the action Marvel Studios has in store. The film is set to include the largest assemblage of Avengers to date, surpassing even Captain America: Civil War’s impressively huge roster. But sadly, with the stakes so high and the cast so big, there’s no way everyone will make it out alive.

This time, The Avengers are facing off against Thanos, the Mad Titan who’s been orchestrating this conflict from day one. He’s the biggest, baddest, meanest villain they’ve ever faced, and to prove it, he’s going hurt them more than any villain has before. We obviously won’t know for sure until Infinity War releases, but we expect Thanos will kill a major character, devastating The Avengers and altering the landscape of the MCU forever.

Iron Man/Tony Stark

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. He is the MCU’s most popular character, their most enduring and most prolific. Killing Tony Stark would send a shockwave through The Avengers from which they may never recover.

Tony Stark/Iron Man is so strongly associated with the MCU it’s almost unimaginable to think it could continue without him. Of course, that’s an inevitability whether he dies in Infinity War or not. Robert Downey Jr. has by now starred in three Iron Man films, two Avengers, and one Captain America movie. He even had a small though no less significant role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. At 52 years young, it’s impossible for him to play the role forever and it’s ludicrous to think Marvel would recast. Plus, his contract is winding down, and it’s a very real possibility RDJ won’t want to renew – not too mention, Marvel may not be able to afford him.

Moreover, there’s not a whole lot left to do with Tony’s character. He’s suffered defeats, risen to the occasion when called, and even begun grooming a new generation of heroes. So if Infinity War is to include a major death with huge impact, there’s no one more ripe for the chopping block than Tony Stark.

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Captain America/Steve Rogers

If any of the main Avengers truly die in Marvel’s blockbuster, most would agree Captain America will be the man to go. Chris Evans has played Steve Rogers for years now, and his contract with Marvel Studios had to be specially extended for him to star in the next Avengers movies. The actor claims he will take part in the MCU up until Avengers 4, but there is a good chance Captain America’s death in Avengers: Infinity War will be what spurs the team into reconciliation following Civil War. The death of Captain America would be a blow to all parties; Even Star-Lord with his extraterrestrial upbringing would have known about Steve before Yondu’s crew snatched him. Captain American somehow made it through Civil War unscathed, allowing the MCU time to fully flesh out successor options in the Falcon or the Winter Soldier. Now, all that’s left is for Captain America to – well – join Peggy Carter up in the sky. (5 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die In Infinity War)


Any and all of the Avengers are vulnerable to Thanos’ murderous rage, but Thor may be the one who permanently kicks the bucket in Marvel’s upcoming movie. Chris Hemsworth has starred in a number of MCU films as his third solo film will premiere in November. As one of the Avengers’ founding members, time is ticking on Thor and his spotlight in the MCU. The God of Thunder would be an unexpected hero to die by Thanos’ hand, and the death could give fans some intriguing emotional fallout. As audiences know, Loki is directly connected to Thanos as the Frost Giant sought the Mad Titan’s help following his exile from Asgard. Loki and all his mixed feelings for Thor would react strongly to his adopted brother’s death, and the loss of Thor would give the MCU a chance to bring in Lady Thor if it so wanted.

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It is a given that Vision will be destroyed by Thanos at some point during Avengers: Infinity War. The character was only brought into the MCU during Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the artificial creature has already become a fan-favorite. The Mad Titan will send scores of fans into tears when he plucks Vision’s Mind Stone from his forehead, but he will be rebuilt – right? Well, there is always a chance the MCU may write out Vision to bolster an even more tragic backstory for the Scarlet Witch. The two characters have circled each other romantically since their debuts, and the permanent loss of Vision would weigh heavily on the Maximoff ‘miracle.’ If Thanos wants to know what true pain feels like, then all he has to do is trigger Scarlet Witch by killing off her paramour. (5 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die In Infinity War)

Drax the Destroyer

Initially, Drax may seem an unlikely choice to die in Infinity War given that he’s only appeared in two films – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – and his death, while impactful, wouldn’t be as devastating a loss as some others. But of all the MCU’s characters there’s no one who has more reason to want Thanos dead than him (with perhaps the exception of Gamora and Nebula), making Drax a prime candidate to get in the Mad Titan’s face. If you’ll recall, for the majority of the first Guardians, Drax is hellbent on killing Ronan the Accuser as revenge for murdering his wife and daughter. Later, when he learns that Ronan was acting on someone else’s orders – Thanos’ orders to be exact – killing him becomes Drax’s “real mission.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 didn’t dwell too heavily on Drax’s thirst for vengeance, making his role even more comedic than it was the first time around, but there is a moment meant to remind us of the pain Thanos caused him. It’s one of his scenes with the empath, Mantis in which he shares with her the anguish he feels for his lost family. She completely breaks down, while Drax is solemn, almost determined when recalling his grief. He has not forgotten who’s really responsible for their deaths, and you better believe that given the chance, Drax will make his grievances with Thanos known.

Sadly, it’s very unlikely that Drax will the be one to kill Thanos, so any meeting between them will almost certainly end with Drax’s death. It’d be a tragic end, to be sure, but hopefully also a heroic one in where he sacrifices himself to save his new family. (5 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die In Infinity War)

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